Mechanical & Aeronautical System

Mechanical and Aeronautical System Engineering Wing (MASEW) deals with all aspects of Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and allied fields. The key areas of our expertise and R&D interest include (but not limited to):

Solid mechanics and materials science

Machine components design, manufacturing and optimization

Thermodynamics and heat transfer

Fluid dynamics and hydraulic machines

Robotics, automation and control systems

Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), and refrigeration

Combustion and heat engines

Renewable energy technologies (small hydropower, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, etc)

Energy systems design and optimization

Hydrogen and fuel cells

Pollution control

Plant engineering (production, maintenance, quality assurance, etc)

Small/recreational aircrafts

Aircraft structures

Aerodynamics and propulsion

Computer-aided and computational techniques

 In addition to the traditional domains of Mechanical Engineering, we also serve you in the following interdisciplinary and/or emerging areas:
Industrial processes and chemical engineering
Micro/nano electromechanical systems
Nanomaterials and nanotechnology
Materials synthesis and characterization
Electrochemical systems
Biomechanics and biomedical systems

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