Hot water is what we require most in winter season. Especially, in context of Kathmandu, temperature drops below 10 in night and temp doesn’t rise above 20 in day. Hot water is essential for drinking and household purposes in these areas. Mainly electricity (which we don’t have) and fossil fuels (expensive and non-renewable) are being used for these purpose. For past 20 years, practice of solar water heater has started. But, still the major problem is that temperature drops at night. People needs hot water in evening and early morning but heat is not reserved for that long. Some practices of Evacuated Tube (Thermos Principle) SWH are known but it is quite expensive. So, we purpose a system, where we can modify the current design of solar water heater and the modification is cheaper. People who need hot water can easily get hot water at their desired time. Heat loss will be radically reduced, thus increasing Energy density of SWH. And this means, we can decrease the volume of tank but can still get the same amount of heated water. This modification is sure to be better than previous conventional ways of storing heated water. But in this research, our objective is not to compare with other new type of storing heated water. We only purpose to provide efficiency of this system over previous conventional ways. The research on comparison can be a good topic for further study and we will look to continue that in our future days.

Mr.Ayush Parajuli

Student of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Central Campus Pulchowk, IOE

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