New and innovative applications of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) in civil infrastructure


There is an increasing interest in the application of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) materials in civil, marine and mining infrastructure. The many advantages of fibre composite materials include low energy consumption, low cost, light weight, and good specific mechanical properties. Being lightweight, these materials are easy, fast and economic to install as it requires minimal handling and reduces energy in transportation. They also have superior durability resulting in reduced maintenance requirements. Consequently, an increasing range of structural components and systems made from fibre composite materials are now available.

 Despite its many advantages, the acceptance of fiber composite materials has been limited due to lack of standards and design. The limited understanding on the overall behavior and the lack of designers’ experience place the FRP materials at a disadvantage when considered against traditional construction materials. Also, new techniques involving fiber composite materials into construction have noticeably failed to meet expectations by the owners because of the lack of appropriate design guidelines. Thus, it is important to investigate the behavior of new and emerging FRP systems in order to gain a detailed understanding of their structural performance.

Er. Rohan Muni Bajracharya

Postgraduate Student at University of Southern Queensland – Australia

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