Glass-fibre reinforced recycled mixed plastic waste composites: Opportunities & Challenges


In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in seeking the potential applications of recycled mixed plastic wastes in building and construction sectors to relieve the pressure on landfills. This presentation presents the recent developments and applications of composite materials made from recycled mixed plastics and glass fibre. Some of the first uses for such composites are as an alternative to non-load bearing applications like park benches and picnic tables. With its inherent resistance to rot and insect attack, these composites can in fact be used as a replacement for chemically treated woods in various larger-scale outdoor applications such as railroad crossties and bridges. However, the properties of the structural components made from recycled mixed plastics are not well understood. Information on the behaviour of such composites under applied loading and at different environmental conditions such as elevated temperature and ultraviolet rays are crucial for the utilisation of recycled mixed plastic materials in construction. This presentation presents an overview of the mechanical properties and durability of recycled mixed plastic waste composites. The presentation also identifies research needs critical in the effective design and utilisation of these composite materials in civil engineering and construction.

Er. Rohan Muni Bajracharya

Postgraduate Student at University of Southern Queensland – Australia

Researcher GHEaSES International


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