New Micro Hydropower Model invented by researchers of IOE Pulchowk

Through the rigorous research, the research team of Institute of Engineering, Pulchwok Campus has been successful in creating a new and innovative technology addressing the current energy crisis in Nepal. The team, including 9 students and 3 professors, has developed a new micro hydro power plant that is efficiently applicable in low head regions like the Terai region. This success can be a revolution in electrifying various rural communities of the country.


The Gravitational Water Vortex power plant is based on the principle of converting the potential energy of water with a powerful Gravitation Water Vortex (GWV) in a rotation tank to kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is focused as rotation energy to the turbine in the center of the GWV . The turbine converts the rotation energy of the GWV together with a generator to green electricity

In order to initiate commercialization of their research, they have established a new company Vortex Hydro wing under GHEaSES International Pvt. Ltd  with the vision of “Energy for Global Leadership and Social Empowerment “ Their goal is to lessen the imbalance between energy supply and energy demand prevailing in the country by the effective utilization of this technology and bringing about economic benefit for all.

Some of the research team members, led by one of the researcher and the Founding coordinator  of vortex Hydro wing of GHEaSES  and Assistant Director of Mechanical and Aeronautical System Engineering , Er. Rabin Dhakal, is visiting different universities around the world for presenting their research findings with the vision of Energy for Global Leadership and Social Empowerment. Very soon they will be presenting their research in Korea and many Indian universities such as IIT and NIT.

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