Public Lecture on RSM-RIB Technology Houses for Post-earthquake Rural Reconstruction of Nepal – Aug 2016

GHEaSES’s Founder MD, Dr Shanker Dhakal, who was also the Founding Coordinator of United Nepal Engineers Association (UNEA) or Institution of Engineers Nepal (EN) and National Reconstruction Movement (NRM) gave this public lecture, covering his exceptionally active one-year of reconstruction engineering and education campaign in Nepal having come from Australia, at the Seminar Hall of Everest Engineering College in Kathmandu on 27 August 2016, and it was hugely participated and appreciated by the young engineers, architects and technicians of the Government of Nepal’s National Reconstruction Authority (NRA). The NRM campaign and the engineering of RSM-RIB house towards their commercialization, in line with our vision of R&D entrepreneurship and youth leadership, were mostly sponsored by GHeaSES International itself.

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