National Conference on Energy Economics and Sustainable Development – Oct 2014

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22nd October 2014

With an objective of making energy sector a medium for nation’s sustainable development through mutual collaboration and movement, a one-day National Conference on Energy Economics and Sustainable Development have been successfully completed.

The conference was organized by GHEaSES International, Asian Institute of Technology and Management, WECAN, IEFS, NRN Australia and Kathmandu University along with the co-operation of Alternative Energy Program Centre, SEMAN and NMHDA, where, people related to the energy sector and experts were involved. The conference was mainly focussed on Nepal’s economy, contributions from the energy sector, its possibility, the status of hydropower and renewable energy, new technologies and its applicability.

During the inauguration of the seminar, Dr Govinda Nepal, a member of National Planning Commission, presented a keynote highlighting the emphasis that Nepal should give to the social, economic and political sectors during the energy development. He also addressed the fact that active participation from every sector is equally important to attract foreign investments. Dr Rabindra Nepal from Queensland University, having affiliated with GHEaSES International as well, emphasized the use of modern technologies. During the technical sessions of the conference, Professor Amrit Man Nakarmi talked about current energy consumption trends and future energy/ GHG scenarios of Nepal; Madhusudhan Adhikari of AEPC presented points about energy market and economics of Nepal; Shishir Shakya of IFS presented about co-integration and casuality between electricity consumption and GDP; emperical evidence from Nepal; Professor Jagan Nath Shrestha talked about the impact of decentralized PV grid-connected plans on load shedding in Nepal; Miss Anantaa Pandey of AITM talked about the effectiveness of subsidy policy in addressing barriers to renewable energy technology deployment in Nepal; Kshitiz Khanal and Sadam affiliated to GHEaSES International  presented about the collaborative and open access research for energy sector in Nepal. The Chairperson of the technical session was Prof. Dr Tri Ratna Bajracharya.

The panel discussion titled Power Trade Agreement (PTA) and Project Development Agreement (PDA) was moderated by Dr Sandeep Shah and the panellists were Prof. Dr Hari Pandit (IOE/TU), Surya Nath Upadhyaya (JVS), Shital Babu Regmee (former Secretary/GoN), Gyanendra Lal Pradhan (FNCCI) and Khadga Bista (IPPAN). Majority of them were positive about PTA although they emphasized in its implementation aspects. Regarding PDA, they stressed that changes should be made in some of its criteria.

The second panel discussion entitled Implementation of energy-mix in Nepal: Opportunities and Challenges, was moderated by Mr. Ram Prasad Dhital and the panellists were Prof. Jagan Nath Shrestha, Prof. Amrit Man Nakarmi, Sher Singh Bhat (NEA), Nr. Narayan Chaulagain and Nabin Bhujel. During the discussion, they presented the fact that solar energy, gasifier and wind energy should be taken along with the hydropower as energy mix for solving the energy problem of Nepal. Decreasing the import of petroleum by encouraging alternative energy options leading to positive impacts on nation’s economy also came along in the discussion. Likewise, the sustainability of energy mix was also emphasized.

At last, Er. Rabin Dhakal, an Organizer of CEESDvs, gives closing remarks on behalf of Dr Shanker Dhakal, the mastermind of the conference currently living in Australia, addressed that through this conference, the TNUN’s collaborative and collective dream of Intellectual Development Transformation of Nepal (IDTrans 2013), having been consistently advocated by Dr Dhakal, is supposed to have further reinforced.

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