The First National Conference of Mechanical Engineering Students of Nepal – Oct 2014

Venue: Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Lalitpur, Nepal; Date: 13 Oct  2014

Vortex Hydro wing of GHEaSES International sponsored this exciting mechanical engineering youth leadership related conference in the Library Hall of Pulchowk Campus.  The program was organized by SOMES Nepal, the program being convened by Ms Prinkya Chauhan,  a mechanical engineering students of Kathmandu University.   “Aviyantaa” Journal of   AMES, KU and “Mechanize” of  SIMES, WRC, TU were also distributed during this conference.

The Founding Coordinator of SOMES and Acting CEO of GHEaSES International Er. Rabin Dhakal shared his experience of formation of SOMES Nepal and the struggle in its early stages.  He highlighted that all these academia-industry collaborative activities would support our collective dream of intellectual development transformation of Nepal (IDTrans 2013) having been advocated by Dr Shanker Dhakal, the founder of GHEaSES International.

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