• To take an initiative (become a role model) of creating a self-employed and financially sustainable platform for brilliant research minded Nepalese youths who are compelled to leave Nepal and permanently settle in a developed country, in search of intellectual and financial satisfaction; despite that they love to stay in Nepal.
  • To promote “Research” in (civil) engineering professional practice in Nepal for “innovation”, “optimization”, “safety”, “reliability” and “economy” in “material”, “design” and “construction”.
  • Not only for those who wish to contribute for research being inside the country through the GHEaSES International Pvt. Ltd. at varied capacities, the institute shall be a platform also for another possible group of Nepalese expert researchers who are effectively conducting research being on various research platforms abroad and want to continue there but are looking for some reliable and effective professional research organization in Nepal to materialize his/her ideas and collaborative research projects for Nepal.


  • To become a quality-based and transparent research and consulting institute that identifies and solves the various unaddressed, poorly understood, and generally less understood problems on geotechnical, earthquake and structural engineering in the country of Nepal.
  • To sustainably launch a prestigious internationally refereed journal of the institute within the scope of geotechnical, earthquake and structural engineering (say annually), to promote the standard of research in Nepal.
  • In addition to launching the very specialized and internationally peer-reviewed journal paper, the institute feels the responsibility that it should also organize purely scientific/engineering as well as less-engineering meetings, gatherings and demonstrations, mainly targeted to the dissemination of the research outcomes and their implications to real-world problems, primarily towards generating awareness in the general engineering community and the public in the whole.

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