1st National Conference of Mechanical Engineering Students of Nepal

13th Oct, 2014

1st National Conference of Mechanical Engineering Students of Nepal
Central Campus Puhlcowk, Institute of Engineering
Pulhcowk Lalitpur Nepal

Vortex Hydro wing of GHEaSES International  sponsored an exciting youth leadership related conference entitled “1st National Conference of Mechanical Engineering Students of Nepal” in Library Hall, of Central Campus Pulchowk, Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Lalitpur on date 13th December 2014 . The program  was organized by SOMES Nepal in order to hand over the present coordination Committee to new team members as well as planning for the future programs.The program is hosted by Prinkya Chauhan , a mechanical engineering students of KU. She starts the program with the history of the all the committees of SOMES Nepal Team.  Each President of SOMES Nepal team speaks about their introduction , progress till now and  future plans of  new reformed committee.  “Aviyantaa” journal of   AMES KU and “Mechanize” of  SIMES WRC were also distributed to the students of SOMES Nepal Team by the president of AMES KU and SIMES WRC.

The details of Program is :

MC: Prinkya Chauhan

Former Member of AMES

Founding Member of SOMES Nepal : Er. Sanam Pudasaini

Board Member/ Communication officer  of Vortex wing of GHEaSES International  Er. Dinesh Fuyal

President of AMES :

President of MESIN: Bipin Tiwari

President of SIMES ERC: Sumit Dhakal

President of SOMES ERC

MC Prinkya Chauhan starts the program with the history of the all the committees of SOMES Nepal Team.

Introduction of Coordination Committee SOMES Nepal by Sub Coordinator Greejesh Prakash

Introduction of different technical society with their past and future program by president of MESIN, SOIES Nepal, SOMES ERC, AMES KU, SOIES WRC and general member of SOMES due to absence of president of SOMES.

Handover of Coordination Committee of SOMES Nepal by Founding Coordinator Er. Rabin Dhakal to  new President Prakash Giri by giving password of facebook and gmail of SOMES Nepal. As Prakash Giri couldn’t come sub- coordinator Manish Aryal take the passwords.

Manish Aryal present the commitment to work in SOMES Nepal  and also present future programs

Secretary of SOMES Nepal Nirajan Kumar Piya present the details of the Technical Circket Tournament.

Founding Coordinator Er. Rabin Dhakal share his experience of formation of SOMES Nepal and also present the history of SOMES and his experiences and struggle from the time of  its formation.

At last  Acting CEO of GHEaSES international and Founding Cordinator of Vortex Hydro Wing of GHEaSES International  Er. Rabin Dhakal gives closing remarks on behalf of Er. Bharat Pathak (Founding President of SOMES), he  addressed that through this conference, intellectual development transformation of Nepal is supposed to begin, Vortex , GHEaSES, TNUN, SOMES Nepal and God in Technology and all other collaborators are representative of it.

This program is also a annual general meeting of SOMES Nepal so following discussion were made :


1. Hand Over of the present committee to the new committee

2. Introduction of all the committees

3. presentation of program of all the  reform committees of SOMES Nepal Team.

4. Hand over of Magazine Avaiyanta of AMES KU and also of SIMES ERC


Derision of the various Committee of to organize various program.

To conduct Inter- Technical Circket Cup    in association with AMES KU

To publish the Journal of the SOMES Nepal

To conduct School Level Design Competition.

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